Space flights The abandoned part of the space rocket struck the other side of the moon – the orbiter began to be considered a landfill as early as September 1959

The piece, which weighed more than four tons, is already 61. Space debris that hit the moon – now the scrap ended up on the moon by accident for the first time.

Lunar the other side was hit by a part of a launch vehicle on Friday afternoon. The moon shook at about 3:26 pm Finnish time.

It is still not certain where the part came from, but it weighed more than four tons and was about 12 meters long.

The blow is also kind of historic. For the first time, the Moon was struck by a man-made part that was not designed there.

Iskun apparently caused by one part of a Chinese launch vehicle, the third phase of a fuel-containing launch vehicle.

This Chinese rocket Chang’e 5-T1 was sent to the Moon in 2014. The part now being tracked was initially left empty on a chaotic orbit in space. The song drifted in space for as long as seven years, says the scientific journal Nature. Eventually, the gravity of the Moon attracted it.

The destination the sunlight reflected from the body suggested that part came from China. Years ago, it was thought to be part of the space company SpaceX’s launch vehicle.

In the space industry, different players use different paint surfaces on their rockets. Those who have studied the flight path can deduce the reflection of the surface of the object from which part of the ship it is.

Iskun the place was close Hertzsprungin a large crater more than 500 kilometers in diameter. The collision also gave birth to a small crater estimated to be about 20 meters in diameter.

No collision was filmed this time. Telescopes on Earth don’t even see the back of the moon.

The estimated point of impact is inside the Hertzsprung crater, on the side of the Moon that is not visible to Earth (Far Side).

However, a couple of satellites orbit the moon. The United States Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter orbited the Moon at the time of the attack elsewhere. However, the satellite will capture the crash site as early as mid-March.

The moon also orbits India hearing aid Chandrayaan-2which can also locate a collision.

Sonars, satellites and other parts of spacecraft have already been sent or guided to the moon 60 times.

Paragraph certainly left marks on the surface of the Moon, striking at or near the crater at a rate of almost 10,000 kilometers per hour, says the website Science Alert.

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“We would have seen a flash, then dust spreading to the surface and shattered pieces of the rocket. Rocks and boulders were also thrown up to hundreds of kilometers. ”

This is how the astronomer described the blow Bill Gray news channel for CNN.

“We had a lot of data on track tracking,” he says Website Phys.Orgin by.

Gray studies the orbits of space chapels, usually asteroids. At the same time, he also finds the tracks of unknown songs. As early as March 2015, he discovered that this unknown orbit was slowly drifting towards the surface of the Moon.

There may still be small bears living on the surface of the moon.

BEAR There is not much harm to the moon from the blow. The surface is spotted by craters anyway.

Life was also not destroyed by the blow. Not even microbes have been found on the moon.

However, our rocky neighbor is not meant to be a landfill for space debris, neither now nor in the future, many lunar scientists warn.

Sounds, satellites and other parts of spacecraft have been sent or guided to the moon as many as 60 times in more than 62 years.

The amount of space debris on the Moon is statistic in a scientific article in Nature.

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The moon began to be considered a kind of landfill as early as September 1959. In the then Soviet Union Luna 2 was the first man-made device to take on the feel of another celestial body. Luna 2 struck near the lunar equator.

Many parts have since been deliberately struck on the surface of the Moon.

In the Apollo project, the U.S. space agency Nasa struck parts of its cruise missiles on the moon.

The art of the 1960s and 1970s was lived. For example Apollo 14: n parts were then driven to the surface of the Moon. In this way, Nasa deliberately caused the lunar earthquakes and investigated with the help of the shocks The seismic energy of the moon.

Lunar life on earth may also have drifted to the surface. Chop bears was aboard an Israeli bullet in 2019. This landed Beresheet failed and struck the surface of the moon.

The bears may have flown out of their storage space. They are known to be very tough objects.

At least half a dozen devices will be sent to the Moon or its orbit this year. The moon will apparently become their final disposal site as well.

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