Space flights Star Trek legend William Shatner, 90, is making a trip to space today – Live from 3:30 p.m.

TV and movie series In Star Trek an actor who played Captain James T. Church William Shatner will rise into space on Wednesday aboard a Blue Origin rocket.

Born in 1931, Shatner also becomes the oldest man to ever go into space.

“I am fascinated by the view of space. I want to look at this celestial body [Maata] and appreciates its beauty and its tenacity to sustain our lives, ”Shatner commented on a promotional video released by Blue Origin.

The launch of the New Shepard rocket that originally carried Shatner was supposed to be back on Tuesday, but the flight has been delayed. The rocket is scheduled to launch into space on Wednesday at 4.30 pm Finnish time.

HS will show a live broadcast from the launch site in Texas, USA starting at 3:30 p.m.

Captain James T. Kirk was played by William Shatner (left) and Leonard Nimoy starred in the 1968 Star Trek series.

Shatner became famous after performing Star Trek in the sci-fi series from 1966 to 1969 and in seven films from 1979 to 1994.

By the start of the series, real spaceflight had just begun: the Soviet Union had made its first manned spaceflight in 1961. The series told of the adventures of Captain Kirk and this crew in the 22nd century, when humans were already flying effortlessly from one planet to another.

The cult series, which rose to popularity, was later continued in the form of numerous other TV series, films, books and other cultural products.

Data company The founder of Amazon, the richest man in the world Jeff Bezosin Blue Origin, a space airline founded by the company, made its first manned tourist flight into space in July. At the time, Bezos himself and three other people were involved.

In New Shepard, there is no actual driver at all, but the flight is operated by autopilot. Both the capsule and its launcher are reusable.

Astronauts get to spend about ten minutes in weightlessness beyond the Kármán border, considered to be the boundary of Earth’s atmosphere and space, at an altitude of 100 kilometers.

Glen de Vries (right), Audrey Powers, William Shatner and Chris Boshuizen will travel to space on Wednesday.

Blue Origin is currently competing for commercial space conquest, among other things Richard Bransonin Virgin Galactic and Elon Muskin With SpaceX.

With Shatner, three other people will enter space on Wednesday: a former space organization engineer from NASA Chris Boshuizen, entrepreneur Glen de Vries and the Executive Vice President of Blue Origin Audrey Powers.

According to Reuters, it is not known whether Shatner and other spacecraft have paid for their trip, or whether it is just a marketing ploy. However, according to Shatner, Blue Origin had contacted him about arranging the trip.


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