Soutu | The Finnish duo crossed the Atlantic and arrived in Antigua: a new chapter was written in Finnish rowing history

Markus Mustelin and Jolle Blässar spent a little over 41 days crossing the Atlantic.

Finns Markus Mustelin and John “To whom” Blässar made Finnish rowing history on the night between Saturday and Sunday in Finnish time. They completed their 41-day contract and arrived at the finish line in the Atlantic Challenge in Antigua, Caribbean.

Mustelin, 61, and Blässar, 56, became the first Finnish rowing group to cross the Atlantic.

At the finish, the organizer of the race stated that the duo has crossed the Atlantic 20 times.

“Now 21 times,” Mustelin corrected.

The past 20 times have been sailing.

The duo spent 41 days, 10 hours and 57 minutes crossing the Atlantic, 2,780 nautical miles (5,148 kilometers). Departure was on 12 December in La Gomera, Canary Islands. The duo estimates that the crossing will take 40-50 days before the race.

The duo won the overweight duo category by far and finished 18th in the overall race.

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The number one in the overall competition for the Atlantic Challenge was the Swiss four-row rowing team. They arrived at the finish line on January 16 and spent just under 35 days crossing the Atlantic.

Mustelin and Blässar won several boats of three and four rowers. A total of 35 boats are participating in the competition, of which eighteen have now reached the finish line.

The budget of the Finnish duo was about 100,000 euros, of which the participation fee was 20,000 euros.

In addition to the competition, Mustelin and Blässar are campaigning for the protection of the Baltic Sea. Keep the archipelago clean through the Association and the John Nurminen Foundation, less than 50,000 euros have been raised.

Atlantic Two Finns have previously participated in the Challenge competition: Julia Immonen was in a team of five women in 2012, where the other competitors in the fleet were British. In 2017 Sam Öhman participated as a single rower but had to be suspended due to seasickness.

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