South Korea The North Korean jumper ended up with eight surveillance camera images and triggered two automatic alarms, South Korean border guards did not notice

South Korea’s military leadership is investigating what led to the betrayal.

North Korean the jumper was recorded in South Korea when he entered the surveillance cameras eight times and caused two alarms without the guards noticing him, South Korea’s military leadership told Tuesday the news agency Yonhapin by.

The leap was eventually captured in the village of Goseong after he had traveled for more than six hours in an area where the movement of civilians is restricted.

The man had apparently fled the soldiers and tried to find civilians for fear of being repatriated.

South Korea the military leadership has investigated the incident on 16 february to find out what went wrong.

The man seems to have reached South Korea’s eastern border by swimming, which is not an easy accomplishment in the winter. He apparently remained warm in the diving suit under which he wore a winter jacket. Bathing was also accelerated by the concomitant tidal flow and swimming fins. The man still had to swim for six hours, investigators of the case estimate.

The man was recorded in surveillance cameras several times already right on the coast after one o’clock in the morning. The system also sent two alarms. He undercut the coastal boundary fences through the sewer and was also recorded in the fence cameras.

The man then continued his journey for five miles until the guards finally spotted him from the cameras. The man was arrested after another three hours of search at half past eight in the morning.

“On guard the former soldiers did not follow instructions and did not detect an unknown man, ”the military leadership commented on the incident, according to Yonhap.

The investigation found that one of the guards had adjusted the computer software and had therefore thought alerts were system error messages. His co-worker, on the other hand, was caught in a business call at the time of the alarms.

Again, the military was not at all aware of the existence of the sewer, even though all the sewers near the border should have been surveyed last summer.

According to Yonhap sources, Loikkari is an unprecedented 20-year-old fisherman who is not yet suspected of being a North Korean spy.


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