South Africa South African Parliament building on fire

A fire has broken out in the South African Parliament building in Cape Town.

In South Africa A fire has broken out in the country’s parliament building in Cape Town, AFP reporters told reporters on the spot.

The building is lit by flames and a huge statue of smoke rises from it. The fire department is there to put out the fire.

A spokesman for the city rescue department told AFP that the roof of the building caught fire and the National Assembly building is on fire. According to the spokesman, the fire is out of control and the walls of the building are cracking.

There was no immediate knowledge of the casualties that could be required by the fire or the cause of its outbreak.

British newspaper editor of the Cape Town Sunday Times David Chambers posted a video of the fire on a messaging service on Twitter.

Parliament building consists of three parts, the oldest of which was completed as early as 1884. Parliament now has two newer parts, which were completed in the 1920s and 1980s.

A fire raging in Cape Town in April destroyed part of Cape Town University’s library.

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