Soul and space Presenter Alma Hätönen takes off her clothes and explains how she managed to control fibromyalgia, a disgusting pain disorder

I am short, 154.5 cents. It hasn’t bothered me. Admittedly, in my twenties, it felt like as a small young woman, I had to work hard to be credible.

There are scars on my upper lip and corner of my eye to commemorate when a dog attacked me when I was eight years old. I carry traces with pride because, despite my experience, I was able to maintain my love of animals. Later, a tumor was found in the dog, which was probably the reason why the kind animal suddenly became aggressive.

In my twenties, I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia, a pain disorder. At worst, I couldn’t tie the shoelaces, and just getting up to stand was painful. Ten years ago, only antidepressants were offered to help with the disease. I refused them. I had no depression but pain. Since then, I have been able to manage the disease with the right lifestyles. It doesn’t control my thoughts, and I live a 99% painless life.

I enjoy pole dancing. It is a holistic species that increases compressive strength. I think bending into weird positions in little clothes in front of a mirror and in the middle of different women has also helped me accept my body. ”



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