Sote reform | Risk: Student care services at risk, long queues for mental health services already long

The Coalition Party and the Basic Finns oppose the transfer of curatorial and psychological services and school health care from municipalities to the provinces in connection with the social security reform.

Student care the role in the reform of social and health services has been a concern from the early stages of preparation for the reform, for example psychologists, curators and also teachers.

Representatives of the opposition party, the Coalition Party, which disagreed with the opinion of the Parliamentary Committee on Education, are still opposed to the transfer of study care from municipalities to the organization of provinces, ie welfare areas. They fear that with the transfer, services will be differentiated from the teaching or learning activities of municipalities and from the daily lives of schools and educational institutions.

In most municipalities, curatorial and psychological services are provided in teaching, in some social and health care. The transfer is part of the government’s social and health care reform, which is being discussed in Parliament.

“There is already a lot of medical debt on the sote side and long queues, especially for mental health services and specialist care when the basic level is not working. Anxiety and disorderly behavior in children and young people have also increased, ”explains the chairman of the Education Committee. Paula Risikko (Kok) Coalition Representatives’ position on the HS.

Government parties in its opinion, the Education Committee decided to support the transfer of study care services to the provinces.

The Board’s proposal proposes that curatorial and psychological services for student care, school health care and student health care for secondary school students be transferred as part of social and health care services in welfare areas.

The report on social reform is being drawn up by the Committee on Social Affairs and Health.

“The majority of the experts consulted by the Committee on Education did not support the transfer of curatorial and psychological services to the provinces. Representatives of the governing parties did not listen to the experts, and now the threat is to weaken student care services and move away from the daily lives of children and young people, ”MPs also state in a press release. Sari Multala and Sofia Vikman .

According to the representatives, community work at the level of the entire educational institution in cooperation with staff, children and young people, and stakeholders is essential in the work of psychologists and curators.

“The government’s proposal did not include a child impact assessment, which is a significant shortcoming,” representatives say.

The government justified the transfer because there are now large regional and institution-specific differences in student care services. According to the bill, pupils and students are now in an unequal position in access to and quality of services.

Committee on Education Representatives of the basic Finns from the opposition party also expressed their dissenting opinion Sanna Antikainen, Kaisa Juuso and Ari Koponen.

“The proposed reform jeopardizes equal access to student care services rather than correcting the problems raised. The expert consultations have highlighted a number of problems that may arise if the link between municipal education and social services in welfare areas does not work, ”says the Basic Finns Committee.

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