Solomon Islands Pacific Solomon Islands burned buildings during demonstrations

The reasons for the protests are considered to be, for example, the unequal distribution of central government resources and warm administrative intervals in China.

Pacific the anti-government protests in the island state of Solomon Islands have continued on Thursday for the second day.

Several buildings have been set on fire in Honiara, the capital of the island nation, according to news agency AFP and Reuters. Police have scattered crowds with tear gas.

Thousands of protesters gathered in the Chinese part of the city defying the 36-hour confinement imposed on the city by the government on Wednesday, which was due to continue until Friday morning.

The government imposed a blockade after protesters tried to infiltrate the country’s parliament and demanded that the prime minister Manasseh Sogavaren difference.

Multi traveled to Honiara from the neighboring island of Malaita, according to AFP.

Malayans are believed to be disappointed that the country’s central government is ignoring them, as well as Solomon Islands ’2019 decision to concentrate diplomatic relations with Taiwan instead of Taiwan. Following the decision, Malaita held a referendum on independence, which the central government, however, considered illegal, Reuters reports.

Several Malay communities have close ties with Taiwan. According to critics of Sogavare, the prime minister has too warm relations with China.

The Chinese Embassy in Solomon Islands has expressed concern about the situation.

On Thursday, Prime Minister Sogavare called for an end to internal tensions in the country and said the government was still in power. He also said those involved in the riots would be held accountable “by the full force of the law”.

Opposition leader Matthew Wale demanded Sogavare ‘s resignation and said the prime minister’ s controversial decisions had led to violence.

Solomon Islands located in the Pacific Ocean east of Papua New Guinea.

The state has about 660,000 inhabitants, of which about 85,000 live in the capital Honiara.

Between 2003 and 2017, there was an Australian peacekeeping force in the country due to internal tensions. According to Reuters, the Australian Security Committee met on Thursday to discuss the situation in Solomon Islands.

In the Chinese district of Honiara, buildings were destroyed even after the 2006 elections.

A police station burned during protests in Honiara, the capital of Solomon Islands, on Wednesday.

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