Social media Propaganda machinery exploits Finnish videos for grief – all barking has been cleaned out of Chinese soma

The propaganda machinery picks the raisins out of the bun and makes the Chinese people believe that the athletes think everything is working perfectly in Beijing.


Puck lions Ronja Savolainen and Petra Nieminen cheerfully present a cute baggy pillow and a blanket inside a hotel room in Beijing. They’ve filmed the video apparently for some Western social media service.

The introductory video made by the puck lions Ronja Savolainen and Petra Nieminen about the gifts in the Beijing hotel room has been copied to many places in the Chinese some. Here is the posting of Haike online publication in Sina Weibo. Apparently Haike has made a Chinese subtitle that tells how women really like the gifts they receive.

In another, Tiktok video Jenniina Nylund and Blue Karjalainen present Finnish race outfits in their hotel room as whimsical mannequins.

As a puck lion, Jenniina Nylund and Sini Karjalainen presented competition costumes at Tiktok. The video has spread at least to the Chinese Somen, where Haike-Nettimedia has put it.

Now videos and screenshots of them have spread to Chinese Some and online magazines. They testify to the Chinese people that the Olympic arrangements are perfect and that foreign athletes enjoy themselves.

The same has happened to many other athletes. An American sled Summer Britcherin the flattering praise in their vlog of the adjustable beds in the rooms has ended up warming the minds of the chinese as well.

Summer Britcher’s blogging about the lovely bed has ended up in Chinese Bilibil, where it has also been subtitled in Chinese.

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Swiss Nicolas Huberin funny videos in their quarantine room have risen to a little Chinese somehit. He weighs his hands while standing and bounces in crazy outfits along the room. It’s so nice for athletes to even be in a corona quarantine in Beijing!

Nicolas Huber’s prank has become a small Finnish hit in Bilibil, China.

In contrast, the Chinese some does not find a video seen in the West with a Belgian sled Kim Meylemans cries for the horror of his quarantine in Beijing.

And there are no reports in China of athletes complaining that their rooms were cold and clogged with toilet bowls. Or that the food in the race village doesn’t taste good.

Thus China always works. It picks up sweet raisins from foreigners ’comments and uses them to mourn domestic propaganda.

The purpose of propaganda is to show that the world values ​​China and the things that the ruling Communist Party has organized for its people. The Winter Olympics are a major propaganda weapon for the party.

Some of Some’s propaganda is fed through official channels, such as state-affiliated media stuff and updates. Some are added to it by the propagandists, supposedly ordinary people.

And probably a big part is the updates shared by ordinary Chinese on their own enthusiasm. Updates that please the authorities are allowed to stay alive. Unpleasant – like crying athletes at the Beijing Games – are quickly censored away.

Thus, the Chinese have formed a rosy image of the Beijing Games, which is sure to be strengthened day by day.

Chinese big stars sing and dance race song in more official propaganda videos of the Games Join us in winter. The videos feature children and snowy landscapes for downhill and ice skating.

Minority peoples – such as the Uighurs of Xinjiang – also danced the race song in several videos with a smile on their lips, often in national costumes.

Xinjiang children sing Join us in winter on the Haokan video website.

The news of the Xinjiang camps in the West is foreign to the average Chinese.

What what can an athlete do so that he or she does not end up with Chinese propaganda as part of his or her updates?

There is always a risk if he also wants to tell about the nice stuff that is happening in China. And there are often great moments in China.

We, foreign suppliers working in China, know the problem. After all, we tell both nasty and happy things from China to the rest of the world.

My and HS’s ex-correspondents in the Monthly Supplement just published long thing The unfortunate events of Xinjiang through the decades will certainly not spread in China.

Instead, during the Olympics every morning my video series Some of the wonderful and miraculous things in Beijing could end up being used for Chinese propaganda.

Of course, my writings do not have as much propaganda value for China as the praise of Olympic athletes.

Western some are blocked on the Chinese internet mainly because the Chinese would not see the injustices done by their own state and leaders. There is no Facebook, Instagram or Twitter in Beijing. The Chinese have their own counterparts.

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Even Tiktok – a Chinese invention – is blocked in China. Its sister Douyin operates in China.

According to research, only a very small percentage of Chinese have acquired the virtual key needed to break the blockade, so the deep lines of the people are quite ignorant of the content of the Western Finn.

Still, it’s pointless to think that updates to social media in the rest of the world that fit the patterns of the authorities wouldn’t find their way into China’s social media either.

A very small section of the population following the foreign media is quite active in the Chinese society, and the authorities are also extracting suitable foreign material for domestic use.

China is blocking Twitter from its citizens, but both the Chinese state-affiliated media and foreign ministry officials are using the sad Twitter to spread their message abroad.

Happily singing Uighurs are also encountered in the English-speaking world of some.

Under the Olympics, China hired Western PR professionals to spread nice stories from China abroad. They use Western social media influencers with a lot of followers.

British The Guardian magazine interviewed one American consultant who made the deal. He said each of the influencers he hires will make 3-5 nice upgrades from China between November and March.

Through this one consultant, China was getting about three million views among young people in the United States.

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