Social media Board decides today whether Trump’s Facebook ban will continue – Trump sets up new online channel to share his thoughts

Wednesday’s decision by Facebook’s Supervisory Board is considered to be of great significance as to whether Trump is running for Republican candidacy in the 2024 presidential election.

Facebook the board of supervisors is scheduled to announce its decision today on whether to continue for the former president of the united states To Donald Trump a ban on the use of the service imposed earlier this year.

Trump closed the U.S. Congress Building, which was an Epiphany, from Facebook and Instagram, among others Capitol takeover company as a result. Trump is considered to have accepted the violence associated with the incident.

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg stated at the time that the exclusion of Trump was intended to safeguard the Joe Biden the smooth running of the January inauguration. The company then transferred its decision-making power to its rather recent supervisory board, says, among others, The Washington Post.

Facebook considered the ban in January, ordering that, in addition to accepting violence, Trump repeatedly alleged the presidential election as fraudulent.

Following the decision, there were general concerns about restrictions on freedom of expression. At the same time, however, many felt that Facebook had reacted far too slowly and contributed to the Capitol’s unrest.

It was not until the beginning of this year that the Board of Supervisors, which made its first decisions, included lawyers, former politicians and journalists, among others. The board currently has 20 members, but the number could double in the future.

Facebook has said it will comply with the board’s decisions regarding the content of the service. Instead, it has the discretion to follow recommendations for general principles of action, The Washington Post says.

Facebook the supervisory board’s decision on Wednesday is considered to be of great significance to whether Trump is running for Republican candidacy in the 2024 presidential election. The channel would significantly facilitate both access to funding and the dissemination of a political message.

So far, Trump has not revealed his intentions for the next presidential election.

The decision of the Supervisory Board is expected either in the afternoon or in the early evening Finnish time.

Facebook in addition, Youtube and Twitter, for example, excluded Trump from their services at the beginning of the year. Twitter has announced the ban is permanent.

Pending a decision by Facebook’s Supervisory Board, Trump set up his own online channel on Tuesday, where he will post statements and videos reminiscent of blog posts, among other things. The British newspaper The Guardian reports on the matter.

From the Desk of Donald J. Trump (Donald Trump’s Desktop) site contains mainly archival material but also new contributions.

Website users can express their support for the updates and share them on their own Facebook and Twitter accounts, but they have no opportunity to respond. According to Trump’s assistants, this is not a new social media channel.

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