Social media “An alternative budget briefing is about to begin. I can’t stand it ”- Päivi Räsänen’s soma update aroused compassion, due to technical slip

MP Päivi Räsänen’s Facebook update was accidentally commented on by someone else.

“Jaksa, jaksa” and “it is not always necessary to cope,” the MP wished Päivi Räsänen (kd) Concerned Facebook guys on Tuesday when the Christian Democrats introduced alternative budget.

The reason for the wishes was the Facebook update made by Räsänen just before the start of the event, in which he wrote that “an alternative budget press conference is about to begin. I can’t stand it. ”

Later Räsänen fixed his update on Facebook.

“Now the mocha came in a hurry,” Räsänen wrote. He said he quickly updated Facebook at the beginning of the event, dictating just one sentence, saying “an alternative budget briefing is about to begin”.

However, the microphone had picked up the phrase “I can’t stand” from someone else’s message.

Räsänen’s Followers were already starting to worry about his coping. “Good press conference and strength and endurance for you there! Blessings too. Yes, it is going well, ”he was welcomed, among other things.

According to Räsänen, her daughter had also signaled during the press conference that “that doesn’t sound like a mother’s update.”

“So I do really well! But thank you for all the wonderful cheerleading messages and prayer support, ”Räsänen thanked.

It remained a mystery who could not stand it.

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