Soccer player dies after falling from a building in Bogotá: this is all that is known



Duván Cárcamo

Duván Cárcamo Arévalo.


Courtesy of Real Mompox. Archive.

Duvan Carcamo Arevalo.

The young player dreamed of reaching a professional team and then becoming a coach.

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Colombian soccer is in mourning. It was confirmed that the young player from Mompos Duván Felipe Cárcamo Arévalo, who was a member of Real Mompox FC of the First C of national football, died on Friday after falling from a building in the country’s capital while working as a bricklayer.

(He was the young promise of taekwondo who died in a serious accident in Villa de Leyva).

Cárcamo, 24 years old, He worked construction work while hoping to make a living from soccer.

This festive bridge, Cárcamo’s body was taken to his native Mompox, where various tributes were paid to him.

Soccer player dies after falling from a building in Bogotá

Duván Cárcamo

Duván Cárcamo, deceased player.

Cárcamo was considered one of the best Real Mompox players.
In fact, in his intentions to reach professional soccer, he decided to travel to Bogotá to train at the team’s headquarters in the capital. However, with a daughter in between, he had to get a job as a bricklayer.

In his construction jobs, he had worked in building construction. Precisely, according to the newspaper ‘El Universal’, from Cartagena, the player died on Friday afternoon after falling from a six-story building in Bogotá.

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So far, no further details of the conditions in which the accident occurred are known.


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