Snowboarding Rene Rinnekangas, who failed twice in the descent, was ninth in the big Air final

Mark McMorris of Canada jumped the world champion.

Finland Rene Rinnekangas was ninth in the Big Air finals at the World Snowboarding Championships in Aspen, USA.

Rinnekangas scored 116.50 points in the final. He failed to stay upright after his 1800-degree jump, which he tried in both the second and third rounds.

In the final, three laps were jumped. The results in the big Air include the two best score jumps, which must be different.

Only his upright jump Rinnekangas jumped in the first round. He scored 86.25 points and was fourth after the round. The lead was Canadian Mark McMorris with a score of 92.75.

In the second round, Rinnekangas fell in its 1800-degree jump. Points came in at 28.50 ranking dropped to seventh. The jumped score of 30.25 in the third round ended up at the end points.

Already after the opening round, the champion had led McMorris with a total score of 179.25.

Rinnekangas previously won a slopestyle bronze at the World Championships.

Women the world championship was won by Canada Laurie Blouin with points 177.75. Enni Rukajärvi did not make it from Sunday’s qualifier to the final.

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