Smartphones A malfunction was found in the Coron Flasher application: some users may not immediately know about their exposure

Due to the error, some users of the Coron Flasher who have been exposed to the coronavirus should not be immediately aware of it.

For the coronavirus the Corona Flasher application for exposure tracking has found malfunctions that affect a small number of users.

Not all users regularly access the database from which the application receives key exposure codes. This means that even if the user has been exposed to the coronavirus, he or she will not be immediately aware of it. The delay in the review can be up to several days, when normally the review should take place once a day.

The scale of the problem is difficult to assess, but it is likely to occur in thousands or tens of thousands of Corona users, especially Iphone owners. However, very few of them have been exposed to the coronavirus.

The application has been downloaded by two million Finns.

To the problem there are several different reasons that are not solely due to the Coronator itself. The scan delay may be due to Apple’s ios operating system preventing you from contacting the key server in some cases due to power savings or a poor network connection.

Another similar problem is due to the fact that upgrading Apple’s operating system to version 13.7 may mess up Corona Flash operation. In this case, the application will not be able to connect to the server providing the exposure information at all. In this case, the delay lasts until the user updates the operating system to a newer one or corrects the error in the phone settings himself.

Some Huawei phones have been reported to have similar problems.

Coron flasher software company Solitan Sami Köykän according to the problem affects a relatively small proportion of Corona Flasher users.

“This problem is becoming more and more accurate as we receive bug reports and related background information. We are already planning an application update that will eliminate or at least significantly reduce this background issue, ”says Köykkä.

“The necessary fixes will be brought to the phones at a fast pace with the upgrades.”

Every The user of the corona flasher can check the exposure notifications and the functionality of the coron flasher by examining the log data stored by the operating system. Information is recorded in the exposure log maintained by the operating system if the application has visited the Kela server to retrieve exposure information.

The exposure log can be found in the phone’s operating system settings. The location varies depending on the operating system and its version.

The faulty exposure data looks like this on Iphone, meaning it is missing days or has several exposure checks on the same day:

Corona Flasher application on Iphone, operating system version 13.5. Sunday, September 13 in the screenshot taken, several days have been missed and Koronavilkku has checked the data on Sunday.­

What what can a user do if he finds that exposures have not been checked from the server?

There is no one way to fix the situation, says Solita’s Köykkä. Upgrading your phone’s operating system to the latest version may fix the problem. You should also keep Coronavilkku updated to the latest version.

According to Köykä, opening the Corona Flasher application often results in the application checking the exposures from the server within a few hours of opening it.

In some cases, the Coron Flasher itself also tells you if the operating system settings are incorrect. In this case, changing the settings as instructed will help. The user has to do this himself and the Coron Flasher will not be able to rectify the situation.

In addition, Köykkä recommends that the phone should not be kept in battery saving mode at all times and that the Bluetooth feature should be kept on.


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