Smallpox There are as many as 200 monkeypox infections worldwide, most of them in Europe

During May, smallpox has spread to Canada, the United States, Australia and at least fifteen European countries.

Monkey pox has spread to several European countries in May. The first suspicion in Finland came to light on Wednesday.

Although monkeypox is quite unknown, especially in the Nordic countries, the virus was first discovered in 1958. Infections have been reported in humans since the 1970s. They usually focus on West and Central Africa.

The monkeypox virus is a relative of the smallpox virus.

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EU Infectious Diseases Agency According to ECDC Infections were reported on Monday in Austria, Belgium, Great Britain, France, Germany, Italy, Portugal, Spain, Sweden and the Netherlands. On Wednesday, the news agency Reuters said confirmed cases have also appeared in the Czech Republic, Denmark, Switzerland and Slovenia since Monday.

According to Reuters, there were a total of 237 confirmed cases and suspected cases on Wednesday, the National Institute for Health and Welfare (THL) said on Wednesday in its bulletinthat there would be about 120 confirmed cases outside Africa.

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Infections have been particularly high in Portugal, Britain and Spain.

The Dutch public health authority RIVM updated to their pages information on monkey pox on Tuesday. Several cases in Europe have been spread through sex, especially between men. Monkey pox, which is spreading in Europe, does not seem to be particularly prevalent, but comprehensive information on the methods of transmission is not yet available. However, according to RIVM, the virus does not spread as a droplet infection.

About the virus there are two main transformations. The Congo transformation is usually more severe and can have a mortality rate of 10 percent. Mortality in the West African variant accounts for about one percent of cases. At least the cases found in Britain have been diagnosed with West African monkeypox.

According to the ECDC, monkeypox may be severe in young children, pregnant women or people with other defects in defense. This means, for example, transplant and rheumatic patients whose medication weakens the immune system.

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ECDC emphasizes that little is yet known about the behavior, mortality and other details of the incidents in Europe. It is also not yet known how the cases have spread in Europe.

For example, in Britain health care however, advises to contact you quickly if you notice any bladder-developing rash and have either been in contact with a monkey pox or traveled to West or Central Africa in the previous six weeks.

From the past monkey vaccine epidemics are known to have transmitted the virus from animals to humans.

The United States experienced an epidemic in six states in six states, originating from rodents imported from Africa, such as poppies and African hamster rats. They had been kept in the vicinity of prairie dogs intended for pets, whereby prairie dogs became infected and passed them on to pet owners, the scientific publication said. Journal of Infectious Diseases.

Also now in May 2022, individual infections have been found in the United States, in Canada more than fifteen. At least one infection has also been reported in Australia, the United Arab Emirates, Israel and Argentina.

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In May Infections detected, at least in Portugal, Germany, Belgium and the United States, appear to be from the same source as in West Africa, said professor of zoonotic virology. Olli Vapalahti From the University of Helsinki To HS on Wednesday.

However, more information is still needed while keeping the virus from spreading. For example Belgium took over mandatory 21-day quarantine for people diagnosed with smallpox from Friday.

The Danish health authorities, for their part, began on Wednesday to consider whether vaccines should be distributed to people close to monkeypox patients.

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