Skiing You can already ski in the Helsinki metropolitan area – the Oittaa trail in Espoo opened on Tuesday afternoon, the forecast promises good weather for skiers

Snow is currently being spread on the track in Hakunila, Vantaa.

23.11. 18:44 | Updated 23.11. 21:28

Ski season began in the Helsinki metropolitan area on Tuesday afternoon, when a ski run of about 700 meters was opened in Oitta, Espoo.

“We got the track open at that time at 2 p.m. It’s just a full-width trail, and both [hiihtotapoja] is able to ski, ”Espoo’s outdoor sports manager Petri Forsman says.

According to Forsman, the track has an average of 30-40 cents of snow. The thickness of the snow mattress varies between 30 centimeters and a meter.

“After all, we do it in such a way that we shoot piles of snow directly at the ski slope, and then when the snow has been pushed wide from those piles, it’s hard to say the exact amount.”

Wednesday morning the weather forecast promises good for skiing enthusiasts. If the frost intensifies as expected from Friday and the frost period is expected for a week ahead, according to Forsman, the trails in Oittaa will be extended considerably.

“And pretty quickly, if you really are there between four and seven degrees. They are pretty good frost readings compared to what we now did with this start. There will be snow in a completely different model, ”he adds.

Forsman is not yet sure whether it will be possible to start cannoning snow in Leppävaara as well, but at least in Oittata the trail network is growing a little quietly.

“Next is probably 1.3 kilometers, so there will be a big climb to it. Then we start going in the direction of the outdoor center and the meadow, and we make those additional bananas suitable for fitness skiers there, ”Forsman says.

In Vantaa snow has been cannoned in both Hakunila and Petiko. Sports champion Juha Savolainen says snow is currently being spread on the track in Hakunila.

“The boys started driving snow there. The snow obtained in the search space is spread to give more space to the pile, but it promises frost for the weekend, ”he says.

The snow has been cannonballing for many nights.

“We will have the Finnish Cup in January, so we will make sure that the snow stays there,” Savolainen says. The competition will take place on 18-19. January.

“Yes, we would get a mile open with those snow if we didn’t have to save.”

Latut situation says On their Facebook pagethat cross-country ski trails were open in 45 locations on Tuesday afternoon.

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