Skiing The trail network of the Helsinki Metropolitan Area also charms the polar hiker with its breadth – see route tips from the hustle and bustle of the city to the peace of nature

About 600 miles of trails and more will be created. Heavy snow and many weeks of frost have made it possible to build an exceptionally extensive trail network in the metropolitan area.

Polar hiker, outdoor enthusiast and active skier Kari “Poppis” Suomela has diligently beat the trails of Helsinki, Espoo and Vantaa with his friends Harri Hollon with.

The idea of ​​the duo is to tour all the trails in the metropolitan area. Suomela has skied about 400 kilometers of them, Hollo even more.

“We are on a pretty good model. Admittedly, the track masters seem to be making new tracks all the time. You can see if there is more to ski from the end of the week, ”says Suomela.

What about skiing when the trails are in top condition. According to Suomela, the tracks in the Helsinki metropolitan area are comparable in scope even to the Lapland trail network. Actually, they take the win, compared them to “anywhere”.

That’s pretty much said from an adventurer who has traveled the world.

“There are pieces of wilderness that correspond to the landscapes of Lapland. On the other hand, there are places where you can ski in the great urban terrain while the subways or trains run side by side. ”

Kari “Poppis” Suomela, who lives in Nurmijärvi, has skied along the Helsinki metropolitan area.­

Harri Hollo skiing. In the sand ridge, the trains belong to the landscape.­

In the middle the city can be skied in both Helsinki and Espoo’s central parks. For example, a skier who appreciates the urban environment can sneak out of the Valley towards Paloheina.

Nice cityscapes are also served by the route along the Vantaa River from the Old Town Bay to the north towards Paloheina.

The finest wilderness trails can be found in the eastern parts of Vantaa near Sipoonkorvi National Park, behind Lake Kuusijärvi and in Espoo between Luukki and Pirttimäki and from there towards Solvalla.

The condition of the trails has a big impact on how nice skiing is and how nice the route feels. Since all the trails have been good for skiing, Suomela has to think about her favorite for a while.

“One of the impressions was the Luukki – Pirttimäki distance. There was only one toboggan run there: it was really a hiking trail but still in top skiing condition. ”

“Field trails are the easiest to ski, in beautiful weather absolutely great outdoor destinations.”

Harri Hollo in the scenery of Sipoonkorvi.­

Harri Hollo skied calmly in Pasila.­

Landscapes in addition, the track network offers a different offer for more competitive racing tracks.

Paloheinä has trails for fitness enthusiasts, but also more demanding routes for competitive skiers. According to Suomela, some of them are not suitable for beginners.

For less skiers, Suomela recommends field trails.

“Field trails are the easiest to ski, in beautiful weather absolutely great outdoor destinations.”

For such a ski trip, you can head, for example, along the trail from Herttoniemi to the Old Town. On the east side of the Helsinki Metropolitan Area, the surroundings of Talosaari are a good destination, and on the west side of Lake Bodomjärvi, there are large openings with easy trails.

There are also good skiing spots on golf courses in Tali, Hiekkaharju and Gumböle, for example.

“At intersections, wait in peace and give space to others.”

Harri Hollo on a ski trip in town.­

Trails According to Suomela, reachability is good. The trails can be reached on foot, by public or private car. Parking spaces can also usually be found in the surrounding area.

But route signposts would require action from all cities.

“There is something to do with the signs, that side should be petrified. Phone applications and maps were especially needed on interconnectors. ”

Snowy frosty winter is the salvation of many Corona-era sports. The ski boom has attracted a large number of people to the slopes and their surroundings. The trails and walking trails go side by side and crosswise, and there are cyclists, skiers and walkers going out.

Apparently, the charging brain has been a phenomenon of individual racetracks this winter, as Suomela has not encountered any malicious swinging of the rods. The finding has surprised positively.

“At intersections, you wait in peace and give space to others. It’s even confusing how nicely everyone has been able to travel the same routes. In Central Park, for example, people have an attitude that everyone can work out, welcome. ”

According to Suomela, giving space to others, regardless of their own skill level, is key when it comes to avoiding unnecessary conflicts and maintaining harmony on the ski slopes.

Kari “Poppis” Suomela crossed the street with skis and poles in her hands in the landscape of Pitäjänmäki in Helsinki.­


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