Skiing The Finnish Ski Association glows the wild popularity of the World Championships: the final trip was followed by almost two million Finns

Skiing dominated Finnpanel’s spectator statistics in the last week of the World Championships, when the five most watched programs were World Skiing.

In all At least one million viewers reached the TV broadcasts of the ten World Ski Championships held at the turn of February-March, says Ski Association in its bulletin.

The highest reach was collected men’s 50-kilometer skiing, which, according to Finnpanel statistics, reached as many as 1.9 million Finns. The average number of spectators in the competition was 1.3 million.

Reachability refers to the number of viewers who have watched a program for at least three consecutive minutes.

Dramatic 50 kilometers of skiing are remembered in Norway Johannes Høsflot Klæbon rejection after he crashed at the end of Russia’s Alexander Bolshunov with. In Finnish, the drawings were based on memories Iivo Niskanen’s curse-toned cry about changing skis.

The aftermath that led to the rejection was also followed by an audience of more than a million spectators at Yle’s Sports Studio. The sports studio reached almost 1.4 million Finns and the average number of viewers was almost 1.1 million.

Other competitions that reached one million viewers did not reach an average of more than one million viewers.

Ski broadcasts were all TV channels considering the most watched shows of the week. In the latter race week, the top five the list of the most watched programs was the World Championships in skiing. According to the Ski Association’s release, Yle broadcast the World Skiing program for 67 hours.

After the three-medal competition, the sports federation had reason to be satisfied.

“The team’s fighting spirit, good atmosphere and mutual encouragement were also conveyed in a great way to the home spectators. Viewers’ figures once again show that the interest in skiing has increased even more, ”said the President of the Ski Association. Markku Haapasalmi in the bulletin.

Cross-country skiing interest also bore the weekend after the World Cup. In the World Cup closing weekend, the men’s 50km race reached 1.1 million spectators and averaged 761,000 spectators.

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