Skiing Swedish skier lost at home on Falun: “I don’t know what I was thinking”

Falun’s trails are very familiar to Eric Rosjö, but he still got lost in the World Cup on Saturday.

In Falun the finalized World Cup finals became successful in Swedish, with both men and women seeing the Swedish skier on the podium to the delight of the home crowd.

Of course, a special failure was also seen.

About Eric Rosjö is expected to be the top name of the future, but in Falun, the 23-year-old race this time did not leave much positive.

Namely, the man got lost in the 15-kilometer race off the route, even though he skied on his home tracks.

“Eric trains here every day, so one could imagine his knowledgeable route, but unfortunately he skied straight when he should have turned,” the Swedish head coach Anders Byström commented on TV6 Aftonbladetin by.

However, Rosjö skied to the finish line and survived without abandonment. He was 20th in the final.

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“I had a complete break in thought. That must not happen. There are not many opportunities, so you have to succeed when you can show, ”Rosjö comments.

“I can only blame myself, I don’t know what I was really thinking.”

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