Skiing Olympic winner Jessica Diggins annoys The New York Times, who commented on her appearance: “Harmful in so many ways”

NOW compared Diggins’ body to that of its competitors.

Of the United States Jessica Diggins took the silver in the Beijing Olympics for 30 kilometers and the bronze in the sprint, thus completing his medal straight after the Olympic gold in the Pyeongchang double sprint.

The performance, of course, received praise, but one comment on appearance made Diggins open its verbal coffin.

The New York Times characterized Diggins as a fairy in a racing outfit compared to his shouldered and muscular competitors.

Article appeared already during the Olympics, but Diggins only returned to the subject with an article he now published on Instagram.

“The New York Times thing that compared my body to the gorgeous women around me was harmful in so many ways. I want to make this clear: as a coach, parent, teammate, and friend, don’t comment on anyone’s body, shape, or size, ”Diggins writes.

He urges sports followers to focus on really important things like being a good teammate, mental strength, clean sports, determined training and hard-won competition.

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“The words we choose can have a big meaning, whether they were meant to encourage or hurt. So let’s talk kindly to friends, competitors or ourselves. ”

Diggins is the most successful cross-country skier in the United States with seven medals. He has, among other things, Olympic and World Cup gold from the double post.

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