Skiing Norwegians said they were in shock after Bolshunov’s charging brain: “This is not a freestyle match”

The capture of Alexander Bolshunov is not understood by the Norwegian team.

Norwegian the management of the cross-country team and the skiers were confused about the final solution of the Salpausselä World Cup men’s message, in which the Russian Alexander Bolshunov charger brain Joni Mäke rose to the forefront.

Bolshunov first hit the hill with a stick at the end, and after the finish line he tackled the Finn. The reason for the outrage was that Mäki had just in front of the Russian when the final line started.

“I’m still completely in shock, his [Bolšunovin] behavior. This is cross country skiing, not freestyle. This was something I had never seen before in skiing and I hope I will never see you again, ”the Norwegian team coach Eirik Myhr Nossum told Norwegian broadcaster NRK.

Norwegian, who won the message race, the first leg of the skier Pål Golberg was at the fence in the finish area to see what was happening.

“The first thing that happened was that he was a little prevented from competing, but it’s not possible to forgive everything that happened after that,” Golberg said.

“I was completely confused. That is not expected to happen. I’m kinda in shock. “

Norwegian team Emil Iversen took a more calm approach to the situation.

“His [Bolšunovin] should have been a little breath-taking like the rest of us did. It was fun and surprising to see Finland rank second. ”


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