Skiing Krista Pärmäkoski was far from the tip and was not even the best Finn

All Finns stayed at least a minute from Russia’s Julia Stupak in Engadin, Switzerland.

Finland skiers missed far from the top in the ten-kilometer cross-country women’s World Cup in Engadin, Switzerland.

Laura Mononen was 22nd as the best Finn and was 1.11.6 in the traditional group start competition. Krista Pärmäkoski was 24, Johanna Matintalo 28th and crashed Vilma Nissinen 56: s.

Russia postponed the victory in the second last competition of the World Cup Julia Stupak. He dropped his ride on Norway Heidi Wengin and Sweden Ebba Anderssonin about a mile before the finish.

Tomorrow, the women snorted 30 miles off. The race will be followed by Saturday’s race based on the results.

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