Skiing Krista Pärmäkoski has the worst opening of the season in a long time, competing in Ruka will be decided at the beginning of the week: “The situation is really not good”

The lack of alertness is due to a month of mild illness that forced lightening of the workout.

Finland number one skiers Iivo Niskanen and Krista Pärmäkoski approaching next weekend’s World Cup opening in an uncertain situation.

Niskanen left due to back problems completely in between the Finnish Cup competition on Sunday in Taivalkoski. For Pärmäkoski, the ten (v) race became the worst opening of the season for a long time.

The layman also saw from the TV pictures that the skiing in Pärmäkoski was powerless and sluggish. It was also told at the clock, as he was third ahead of the race shown good early season condition Kerttu Niskanen and a 42-year-old veteran Riitta-Liisa Roponen.

“Question marks is in the air. If there had been harder climbs and slower winds, then the difference to the bow would have been pretty much bigger. The long decline probably saved. It was by no means good skiing but pretty tangled and clogged. That’s what you expected, ”Pärmäkoski said in a recording of the Finnish Cup.

Coach Matti Haavisto told HS on Sunday night that the duo will decide on Tuesday whether Pärmäkoski will compete in the Ruka mc opening.

“The performance mirrored the current situation, which is really not good. But let’s see what happens in the coming days. As such, Krista’s pace would by no means be enough for World Cup points, ”Haavisto said.

According to Haavisto, Pärnäkoski has been plagued by some kind of prolonged viral illness for about a month. However, this is not a coronavirus. There has been no fever, but the training has had to be lightened. He missed one national team camp.

For about a week, there has been so little crunch that Pärmäkoski was able to do two power exercises before the race.

Although the health situation was not right, Pärmäkoski camped in Olos, Muonio, for about a week and a half in good snow conditions.

“Even in the south, there would not have been much possible to do. It would have been roller skating or Nordic walking in the rain. However, it was thought that snow could get into it. It was believed that it would turn for the better, ”Haavisto said.

Yeast water stayed in Taivalkoski to train. Now it is exciting how his body reacts to Sunday’s race.

“The direction may change quickly. When there are terribly no World Cups, it would be tempting to ski in Ruka as well, ”Pärmäkoski said, referring to the fact that the pandemic may bring more cancellations and changes to the mc calendar.

Ruka runs a mini-tour of three races, so on Friday you have to take part in the sprint qualifier to get on the normal trips on Saturday and Sunday.

Men The 14 km race in Taivalkoski won Joni Mäki, which has been invincible in the four competitions of the Finnish Cup this season.

The hill fell Perttu Hyvärinen In 8.5 seconds.

Taivalkoski: Finnish Cup 2/6 competitions:

Women & # 39; s 10 km (s): 1) Kerttu Niskanen Vieremän Koitto 20.58,1, 2) Riitta-Liisa Roponen Visa Ski Team Kemi 26.3 seconds behind, 3) Krista Pärmäkoski Ikaalinen Athletes –29.1, 4) Johanna Matintalo Pöytyän Athletes –46.5, 5) Laura Mononen Hämeenlinna Ski Club –47.7, 6) Susanna Saapunki Vuokatti Ski Team Kainuu –1.02.0, 7) Eveliina Piippo Vuokatti Ski Team Kainuu –1.06.00, 8) Katri Lylynperä Vuokatti Ski Team Kainuu –1.06.2, 9) Emmi Lämsä Visa Ski Team Kemi –1.30.5, 10) Anne Kyllönen Kainuu Ski Club –1.31.4.

Men, 14 km (s): 1) Joni Mäki Pohti SkiTeam 26.53.8, 2) Perttu Hyvärinen Puijo Ski Club –8.5, 3) Joel Ikonen Pohti SkiTeam –13.4, 4) Markus Vuorela Jämin Jänne –40.4 , 5) Miska Poikkimäki Vuokatti Ski Team Kainuu –41.8, 6) Kari Varis Ilmajoki Racers –50.1, 7) Juuso Tossavainen Kuusamo Erä-Veikot –50.7, 8) Petteri Koivisto Puijo Ski Club –51.2, 9 ) Niko Husu Kuusamo Erä-Veikot –51.8, 10) Juuso Haarala Pohti SkiTeam –58.4.


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