Skiing Joni Mäki took advantage of the fallen Lauri Vuorinen’s “gift” and escaped to a sprint victory

In the women’s final, Katri Lylynperä finished first after Johanna Matintalo had fallen in the lead.

National team man Joni Mäki won the Finnish Cup sprint race (p) in Taivalkoski on Saturday, but this time the victory did not come so spectacularly and easily than two weeks earlier Free sprint in Vuokatti.

Now there was enough drama in the competition when Mäki fell in the semi-finals and benefited in the final Lauri Vuorinen crashing.

Vuorinen clearly led the final but fell, and his wand broke. After that, Mäki caught Vuorinen and easily advanced to victory.

Hill took a long initial climb in the final even surprisingly calmly, and Vuorinen escaped.

The reason for the hill’s pace was that in the semi-final, more lactate had accumulated in the muscles than usual and there was little time to return to the final, as he skied in the latter semi-final.

“It felt like he was weighing so much in the semi-final at the beginning that there was nothing to say about Lauri. I thought I was struggling for second place, but Lauri dropped the gift at that same spot where I fell. I thought we would take it then, ”Mäki said in Yle’s interview.

Mäki and Vuorinen scurry their own times at almost the same point on a short ascent.

Verneri Suhonen porhalsi second and Juho Mikkonen third. Vuorinen eventually finished fourth in the six-skier final.

Women the competition saw a similar drama as Vuorinen’s cohabiting spouse Johanna Matintalo also crashed at the top of the final. The crash happened on the most awkward bend of the track.

He won Katri Lylynperä, which outperformed those who enjoyed better on normal trips Kerttu Niskasen.

In the fight for third place Anne Kyllönen won the qualifier Jasmi Joensuu.

Finland number one skiers Krista Pärmäkoski and Iivo NiskanI will not start my competition season on Sunday, when women’s 10 and men’s 15 km freestyle skiing competitions will take place in Taivalkoski.


Finnish Cup 2/6 competitions, sprint finals (p):

Men, 1.5 km: 1) Joni Mäki Pohti SkiTeam 3.08.34, 2) Verneri Suhonen Hollola Athletes -46 behind 0.36 seconds, 3) Juho Mikkonen Vuokatti Ski Team Kainuu –0.58, 4) Lauri Vuorinen Skiteam 105 –5.05, 5) Lauri Lepistö Kouvola Ski Club –5.66, 6) Juuso Haarala Pohti SkiTeam –7.28.

Women, 1.5 km: 1) Katri Lylynperä Vuokatti Ski Team Kainuu 3.34.41, 2) Kerttu Niskanen Vieremän Koitto –1.27, 3) Anne Kyllönen Kainuu Ski Club –3.84, 4) Jasmi Joensuu Vantaa Ski Club –4, 33, 5) Anni Alakoski Kainuu Ski Club –10.59, 6) Johanna Matintalo Pöytyän Athletes –1.03.29.

Katri Lylynperä­


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