Skiing Joni Mäki hit the foundations for each intermediate point and took the Taivalkoski race

Perttu Hyvärinen was disappointed with his own competition.

Reflected Ski Representing the team Joni Mäki is a kunk of domestic trails when Iivo Niskanen is not on the start line.

Mäki, 25, won the Finnish Cup 15-kilometer race in Taivalkoski quite convincingly. Mäki hit the board with the leader’s Intervals from the first moments and held his place until the end.

From skiing could assume Hill and Perttu Hyvärinen, 29, struggle, but Mäki’s Intermediate times said that Hyvärinen did not stay on board.

Mäki from Vaasa had a victory time of 26.53.8, and he left Hyvärinen 8.5 seconds away.

Mäkin said in an interview with Yle that as the race progressed, his legs began to numb.

“The last three rounds felt like this wasn’t a world-class outing,” Mäki said.

At 8.5 km, Hyvärinen was 12.5 seconds behind Mäki, but was able to reach the difference of 8.5 seconds in the finish.

“A little too late came the blackmail. I’m really disappointed with their execution. Joni is in an insanely hard condition, ”Hyvärinen said in an interview with Yle.

Joel Ikonen led the race a moment after his goal entry until Mäki beat his time. Ikonen skied 15 kilometers in his free time 27.07.2. He finished third.

“The goals are on a personal level, and to be able to ski at international competitions,” Ikonen said.

Iivo Niskanen, the number one skier in the country, missed Taivalkoski in the competition, but if he had succeeded in Mäki either, he stayed in the next competitions.

The following the competitions are at the Ruka World Cup next weekend.

“Then we start skiing from decent investments and see their own level,” Mäki said.

Hyvärinen has a slightly different approach to Ruka’s international starts.

“There’s a long-awaited uphill there,” Hyvärinen said. He also skied uphill strongly in Taivalkoski.


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