Skiing In an interview published by a surprising party, Iivo Niskanen says in what situation he has a “Rocky feel”

Finland number one skier Iivo Niskanen has spent a quiet life on the race track and in the media over the past month and a half.

On Wednesday, however, a surprising interview with Niskanen appeared. It was released On the website of the International Olympic Committee.

The interview covers Niskanen’s greatest achievements, two Olympic victories (2014 and 2018) and the 15 km (p) world championship at the Lahti Home Games (2017).

Niskanen calls it the greatest achievement of his career, which he has, of course, told in the media before.

“Nothing beats it,” says Niskanen.

Niskanen reveals in what situation he gets closest to his own limits, even with a better probability than in competitions.

“When you easily reach a record or the same lactate reading on a treadmill or rollerblading test as on the best days, then I really want to push myself to the extremes,” says Niskanen.

Niskanen also explains why he has never used mental coaching.

“I am sometimes thought about using a mental coach. It is not a problem for me to control the pressure in the competition. ”

According to Niskanen, everyone expects him to win or achieve a medal if he is in good shape.

“Sure, I feel a lot of pressure and excitement, but I think it’s the same for everyone. It is in good shape to feel it in good condition, and it is not an obstacle. ”

Niskanen has already achieved at least once the biggest wins that can be achieved in his sport. However, there is enough motivation.

“If you are a world champion and an Olympic winner, you have already achieved a lot, but my goal for many years is to improve my own capacity, my own level. The goal is to see where my borders are. ”

In competitions Niskanen says that he is in his own world.

“When you sometimes get really nice breaks and know there’s one more gear and there’s still power left, then there’s a Rocky feel.”

He reveals that he listens to the theme song of Rocky movies before each competition Gonna Fly Now.


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