Skiing Golf pro Eetu Isometsä was interested in cross-country skiing and would be ready to finally beat his father Jarin: “But he won’t go to the line anymore”

Isometsä, who plays floorball, also has about 250 hours of cross-country skiing training behind him, which he has planned himself.

Let’s take a small game of thought that the best golfers in Finland would compete with each other in skiing.

In that case, there would hardly be any ambiguity about the winner. This became apparent on Tuesday in the Finnish Cup competition in Hakunila, Vantaa, when a breeze from the top skiing 20–30 years ago suddenly appeared on the men’s 10 km (p) starting line in the form of a familiar surname.

It took care of the golf professional Eetu Isometsä, the Olympic and World Championship medalist in skiing Jari Isometsän son.

If we continue the same game of thought about the ski competition of floorball players, then Isometsä, who plays at the second highest league level, would still be strong.

But how is it possible that Isometsä, who plays golf as a profession and floorball as his second sport, suddenly participated in the highest level domestic skiing competition.

Isometsä, 23, says that he was attracted to the message team of the Espoo Ski Association during the Christmas stages based on a training competition held in Ylläs.

Initially, Isometsä had to compete in Hakunila only in Wednesday’s post. What happened, however, was that re-registration for Tuesday’s personal competitions reopened after a decision was made on Monday afternoon to cancel next weekend’s Youth Championships.

When there was an opportunity to enter the personal competition in Vantaa, Isometsä seized the opportunity.

“I signed up on Monday night at 11pm, which is really the last drop. I thought that if you ski in the post, you will be skiing out of the bottom ten at the same time. This competition has been on my mind for some time, ”Isometsä told HS.

Isometsä, a member of the Espoo Ski Association, has only been here for a few weeks.

“I’m pretty much hiihdellyt Oittaa and met there EHS types. When asked to join, it was an easy choice. ”

Vantaa Isometsä ranked 56th out of 60 men in the finish line and lost the winner Cross mat for Hakola just over five minutes.

In the message, he skied as the anchor of the Espoo Ski Club’s number one team. The team finished 16th.

Last Saturday, Isometsä applied for a competitive feel at the Hollola national competitions. There, in the free race, the ranking was 22nd, when 38 men got the result.

When the corona pandemic wiped out foreign golf tournaments from the Isometsä calendar last spring winter, he seemed to leave for a family cottage in Ylläs to ski.

“I spent 5-6 weeks there and skied every day. I thought that this is a nice thing to do and if you can keep fit in the summer, then next winter you have to have some competition to go skiing. ”

When there were up to half the number of golf competitions during the summer, Isometsä had time to go cross-country skiing a few times a week.

Now, according to Isometsä’s calculations, there is about 250 hours of training aimed at cross-country skiing from the beginning of May. He has designed his program himself.

“I’ve been a personal trainer training and tried a little resistance to specialize in half and have always been more interested in it. I’m sure Father in between things, even though I actually did the program. If there has been something to fix, Dad has come up with good tips. ”

About his father The big forest says that it has been followed by many joggers.

“We ski a lot together if the schedules fit. I like it because Dad still has a pretty good pace on the run. Now, for the first time, I can actually say that I could beat him if we raced. But he is no longer on the line. ”

For the big forest, skiing has also been an active part of the physical training needed in golf.

A few years ago, he pulled a hard pounding in the gym because, in his own words, he was “a pretty slender boy”.

“I purchased a little meat, but I’ve found that if you would pump yet more iron, movement could be adversely affected. Now, in the gym, I focus on the middle body, small muscles, and circulatory movements. Skiing is relatively supportive for the muscles when using the entire body. ”

The big forest reminded that golf requires strength and speed.

“Skiing is a sport that might slow down a bit if you practice it a lot. But it won’t be too much. ”

On the ski slope, Isometsä has stated that he has unnecessarily “strong” thigh and butt muscles for that sport, because they bring weight to the body.

“In golf, however, the power starts from there, but I’m not starting to shape the body for skiing because it’s a hobby for me.”

Golf pro Eetu Isometsä was interested in cross-country skiing and would be ready to finally beat his father Jarin: “But he won’t go to the line anymore”

Eetu Isometsä tested his skis on Wednesday before the announcement of the Finnish Cup, in which he brought Espoo Ski Club’s number one team to the finish in 16th place.­

As a child Isometsä competed in junior series skiing in its hometown of Vihti. The inter-school competition also became a success.

“I have never participated in any Silver Compa competitions. But in fact there is a lot of fun, that I’ve won nine times World Cup between primary schools. I won every time I participated. ”

Six wins came in Vihti and the rest in Kolari.

“I was at school in Äkäslompolo in the spring when my father was training there. In three years, I was able to compete there as well, ”Isometsä explained.

Salibandya Isometsä plays in the SV Hawks Divar in Helsinki, which is the second highest league level. There he promised to play on the condition that if there were overlaps, golf would take precedence.

“But I’ve got to be very spot there, too, on average, a couple of times a week.”

The big forest plays as a top striker.

“I also play floorball to a large extent with endurance fitness and speed. That’s where it can be put to good use, ”said Isometsä, who has been playing the game for more than ten years.

In golf At a younger age, Isometsä was part of the amateur country team. As a professional, the third season is about to begin.

In addition to the Finnish tour, he intends to play, as last season, on the German-led European Tripod Pro Golf Tour, where Finland’s number one player Sami Välimäki won four races in 2019.

“Now we have to take a leap forward. In two or three years, the goal is to get on the Challenge Tour, ”Isometsä described his situation in golf.

Eetu Isometsä considers skiing a suitable part of a golfer’s physics training.­


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