Skiing For the first time in Italy, Johanna Matintalo will have access to trails that may be of special importance to her in five years

Matintalo hardened Toblach’s chase by “throwing” him into the top three mc performances of his career.

Uranus throwing into the top three World Cup performances, perhaps even the best in personal competitions.

Thus Johanna Matintalo toughened his skiing on Wednesday on the Tour de Ski tour. It was also one of the best Finnish performances on this Tour so far.

Matintalo was the fifth fastest in the 10 km (p) chase race in Toblach, Italy and beat by as much as 17 seconds Krista Pärmäkoskiwith was not the best of his day.

Matintalo rose from 26th place to 15th in the chase and one place to 20th in the overall competition of the tour.

He was very pleased with his performance because it became relaxed and easy to feel. Along the way, he received appropriate towing assistance from others and went to his own crew for towing.

“Between there seemed to have been even more desire to go. The finish was not one hundred percent full, not everything was left on the track. It was precisely it that surprised that that performance led to such a good result, ”Matintalo told HS on a car trip to Val di Fiemme, where the last three races of the tour will be skied after a break from Friday.

Our Fiem trails and the legendary final ascent winding on the Alpe Cermis ski slope are familiar to the 24-year-old Matintalo only through a telly.

Matintalo said that he watched the final solutions of the Tour at the age of 10, when Virpi Kuitunen climbed to the overall win of the first tour in early 2007. He has been following the events of the Tour on TV for every 14 years so far, and now he is himself involved in the 15th Tour.

In Fiemme, a total of twenty races were skied Sami Jauhojärvi stated as Yle’s expert, Fiemme’s trails are well suited to Matintalo’s features.

“There are very different track profiles based on the telly. The rise and fall, I understand, is pretty steady and quite steep. I think it is a nice track profile and suitable for me, ”Matintalo said.

Matintalon In his career, the Fiemme tracks may be of particular importance in the future, as they will be the 2026 Olympic tracks in decentralized competitions across northern Italy.

Five years from now, Matintalo will be 29 years old and a skier at his best age. With this trip, she may be Finland’s leading female skier in those competitions.

“I don’t see any obstacle to it being the third Olympics of my career. If this pandemic is obtained next year [Pekingin] the Olympics skied, so hopefully, however, it’s not yet the peak year of my career. I believe that later, I’m still willing. If you think about the best skis and the top of your career, then I think it will be more realistic only in 2026, ”Matintalo said.

Upon release On Thursday, for the first time, Matintalo is not going to see the Fiemme race tracks with the eye that they are the upcoming Olympic tracks.

“Yes, there is more focus here in these individual races and the Tour. After all, I will probably come to Fiemme quite a few times before the Olympics, if the Tour stays in its current form. ”

On Friday, Matintalo will have the opportunity to take on a racing feel on the Fiemme trails for the first time in a 10 km (p) joint start, and on Saturday it will be time for a traditional ski sprint. They are both competitions he likes.


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