Skiing Finland dropped to 11th in men’s ski post, ranking collapsed on Mäki’s anchor section

In Lillehammer, the victory went to skiing Norway’s number one team before Russia’s second team.

Finland the men’s message team has missed 11th in the 4×7.5km cross-country World Cup in Norway. In Lillehammer, Norway’s number one team skied ahead of Russia’s second team and Norway’s second team.

Skiing in the Finnish Quartet Perttu Hyvärinen, Iivo Niskanen, Remi Lindholm and Joni Mäki. Finland was at the top in the middle of the race and also fifth after the third leg, but the anchor leg was difficult for Mäki.

Finland’s second team was 14th. They skied there Lauri Vuorinen, Lauri Lepistö, Juuso Haarala and Niilo Moilanen.

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