Skiing Arrangements for the World Championships for young skiers continue in Vuokatti, although the corona situation in Kainuu has deteriorated

Teams from 38 countries are coming to the World Cup.

Cross-country skiing The organization of the World Championships for young people will continue in Suokkamo’s Vuokatti, although next weekend’s World Championships in skiing will be postponed by a decision made on Monday due to the rapidly deteriorating coronavirus situation in Kainuu.

The cross-country skiing of the World Championships is scheduled to compete in Vuokatti in the second week of February from 8 to 14 February. In the hill jump and the combined competition in Lahti in the same week.

The organization of the Vuokatti Games is not currently under threat, says the Secretary General Ann-Mary Awesome.

“We are working normally and fully to make arrangements for the race,” Ähtävä told HS on Thursday.

When The transfer of the World Championships was decided on Monday, the organizers of Vuokatti asked about the status of the World Championships and got the green light from the authorities.

“The World Cup is hugely bigger than the World Cup, even though teams from 38 countries are coming to the World Cup. The Finnish Championships are clearly bigger, because in addition to athletes, mothers, fathers, sisters and maybe even grandparents are involved. ”

Ähtävä pointed out that in the World Championships, participants travel as teams.

“We see the arrival of foreigners easier to organize. A bit like we had a so-called corona bubble here in the fall, ”Ähtävä said, referring to the camping of foreign teams.

According to Ähtävä, about 400 athletes and about 250 other team members are coming to the World Cup.

“We still find it simpler then to keep that bubble together.”

Final a situation meeting with the health authorities and the International Ski Federation will be on Tuesday next week.

“I’m thinking positively, and we’re doing things according to it to have the Games held here. The main thing is that young people get to show off their skills, ”Ähtävä said.

After the transfer of the young Finnish Championships, there has been uncertainty in the ski circles about how athletes will be selected for the World Championships in Finland.

On Thursday, the Ski Association said that the World Championships for young people will be held on January 29-31. at the upcoming World Championships in Vuokatti.

According to the association, the organizers of the Vuokatti competition are in close discussion with the authorities so that the competition can be conducted safely. If the situation so requires, the number of participants may be limited or the location changed in order to hold surveys.


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