Ski Jumping Finnish hill eagles got much-needed success on Lahti team hill – “It felt great to sit on the starting boom”

Finland jumped on the team hill to its best time.


Finland hill quadruped Antti Aalto, Eetu Nousiainen, Kalle Heikkinen and Niko Kytösaho sighed with satisfaction after the team hill at the Salpausselä Games on Saturday night.

Finland was handsomely sixth. It was the best investment in men’s memory, and most importantly, Finland jumped credibly.

The host team was 142.6 points behind Austria, which won the race. The Austrian team jumped Jan Hörl, Clemens Aigner, Ulrich Wohlgenannt and Stefan Kraft. Slovenia was only 5.5 points behind the winners. Germany was third.

Finland the longest slices of the team were slapped by Nousiainen (120 and 124.5 meters), who has found a strong vibe.

“Playing sports is pretty damn cool right now! I can say outright that I don’t know of any better place to be at this time than the ‘Salppur’ hilltop. For many years I have had the feeling here that I would be in a hotel a hundred times better than in a hill tower,” Nousiainen said.

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When an athlete is in a state of flow and self-confidence touches the clouds, the thing works as if by itself.

“The jump in the second round was good. The first one was, quite frankly, shit, but it still became fit for the dimensions. Now too much steaming is gone. I can focus on the essentials.”

“And whatever the feeling was, huh huh. It felt quite incomprehensible, ”Nousiainen rejoiced.

Two Aalto, who performed a steady jump, incited the support of the home audience.

“Sports are basically entertainment. It felt great to sit on the starting boom as the sea of ​​people roared and encouraged. This has been needed.”

Heikkinen of Kuusamo Erä-Veikkojen, who came to the team hill as a yellow beak, survived his career with clean papers.

“I haven’t stumbled upon a mound in the World Cup before, so it went well. This was a memorable race, ”said Heikkinen, who only smelled the atmosphere of the main tour in Ruka before the intoxication of Salpausselä on Saturday night.

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Kytösaho, who jumped as Finland’s anchor, got the much-needed race success in the second round (120.5 meters).

“It was a big deal for me. I’m going to enjoy and pull as far as possible in Sunday’s race. This was a very good performance for us as a team. We proved to people that yes we still know how to jump up the hill.”

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