Skating swimming Aftonbladet: Lifeguards act according to rules when not responding to a swimmer fainting at the World Championships

The security officer told Aftonbladet about the situation.

Lifeguards act in accordance with the rules of the sport when not reacting to a skilled swimmer who fainted in the middle of a race performance. He tells about it Aftonbladet on its website.

Hungarian Anita Alvarez sank to the bottom of the World Cup on Wednesday due to fainting. He was rescued by the coach Andrea Fuentes, who dived to the bottom and fetched Alvarez to the surface. Fuentes said he had to react because the lifeguards did not.

The security officer at the World Championships who clarified the matter Béla Merkely has said in a statement that lifeguards are not allowed to go to the pool until the judge gives them a physical signal, according to Aftonbladet. The mark was eventually given in Alvarez’s case, but the coach had already reacted to the situation at that point.

The rule the background is to ensure that programs are not interrupted due to misunderstandings. According to the security officer, the mistake was that the judges did not react fast enough.

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“When the coach jumped into the pool and the lifeguards saw the situation, they were no longer waiting for the judges to sign but intervened,” Merkely said.

Alvarez was resuscitated after the situation and the U.S. team reported that all of his vital functions were at a normal level. He said he would try to compete in a team competition on Friday.

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