Shopping centers “We didn’t want to go see old and broken robots” – A Polish robot exhibition opened in Red, the content of which amazes visitors

The Redi shopping center is working to find a solution with the event organizer. Ultimately, the exhibition will have to close.

Commercial center The Robopark event, which opened in Red’s Helsinki Fishing Port less than two weeks ago, has received harsh criticism from, among others, Facebook’s Puskaradio Helsinki group.

On social media, the robot show has been described as an overpriced disappointment that has not met visitor expectations or the image provided by the ads.

The cheapest adult tickets cost more than 23 euros and children’s tickets less than 17 euros.

According to one attendee, even the home appliance store “Gigant’s robotic vacuum cleaner department has more technology and entertainment”.

In Helsinki resident Noora Vidgren has released an open Facebook update of their exhibition experience. He finds it problematic that much of the instructions in the exhibition are in Russian or English.

“How should children communicate with foreign-language robots? How should children be able to do anything about the devices when the instructions were partly difficult to understand even for an adult? ” Vidgren writes.

“When an exhibition ticket costs so much, it is expected that guidance will be available and the robots will act as they are promised to act. Or that the show would have the stuff in the commercials at all. ”

Vidgren also missed the taste of the event.

“We really didn’t want to go see old and broken robots and games with the child.”

Several commenters on Vidgren’s Facebook post say they are demanding their money back and complaining to the consumer authority if necessary.

“At least there are no indications of this scam pattern at least at the moment.”

The event in the background is a Polish company based in Wrocław.

On the Robopark website, the event is described as an international robot exhibition aimed at children and adults. According to the organizer, the event has toured “almost all Russian cities, CIS countries and has traveled to Poland”.

Redin Mall Director Aleksi Salminen says he is aware of the challenges of the event. Although the responsibility is not unequivocally Redin, some of the customers have been in contact with the mall.

According to Salminen, there have been dozens of negative feedbacks from, among other things, inoperable robots and long queuing times.

“I just left Red for traffic, and there was a queue of 30 to 50 meters. On the shopping center side, we have been offering whistle juices to the children waiting in line. ”

Those who booked the exhibition time on Monday morning could not enter at all, because there were no staff and no one could contact the organizer, Salminen says.

“We directed this group of 20 people internally to other activities.”

How Redi is going to address the problems?

“Now I’m waiting [tapahtuman järjestävän] the organisation’s CEO responds to these grievances, which have been verified there, ”says Salminen.

If the problems persist, there may be a breach of contract and the show will eventually have to be suspended. However, it is an extreme means, and Salminen hopes to find another solution.

How well does Red know about the organizer?

“This is a big organization that has been doing exhibitions for a long time. He has been in contact here for over a year and a half. Through our own network of contacts, we have received information on how the exhibitions have gone, for example, on the Estonian side and in Europe. There is no hint of this scam pattern, at least for now. ”

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