Shooting in Vantaa | The police will inform about the investigation

The suspect has told the police about his motive. The police will continue the investigation with hearings and a technical investigation.

Eastern Uusimaa the police informed about the progress of the Vantaa school shooting investigation on Wednesday morning.

The police say that the 12-year-old boy suspected of the shooting has admitted the act. The police also have a preliminary understanding of the motive, which, however, has not been disclosed to the public for the time being.

The victim who died in the shooting was a sixth-grade boy.

The seriously injured victims who are still hospitalized are girls. One of them is a Finnish citizen and the other a dual citizen of Kosovo and Finland.

In the act a revolver-style handgun was used. The gun had a permit, the holder of which is the boy's next of kin.

The police remind us that there is a lot of incorrect information circulating about the events, and that spreading incorrect information on social media is a crime.

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