Shipping Pool Sea Pool is planning a temporary sauna building in the pool area

The café and yoga studio will open next week, and the swimming pools and saunas will be closed.

Viking The Pool Sea Pool, damaged by Gabriella’s collision, will open its café and Pilates and yoga studios next Monday.

However, the swimming pools and saunas do not yet open. The speed of the collision of the Viking Gabriella caused such great damage to the passageways of the pools and to the sauna building that they could not be used.

However, a temporary sauna building is planned for the pool. Yle was the first to talk about the sauna project.

Business Director Anna-Mari Karhusen according to this point, the idea is to partially cover the existing cold pool, so that a sauna could be built on top of it.

“This solution is currently being designed. At the same time, permit issues are being taken forward. The sauna could be used in the summer, at its earliest in May, ”Karhunen predicts.

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To Stockholm the Viking Gabriella, who had traveled, lost control of her immediately after leaving the pier on 12 January.

According to the Maritime Explanation for the Law of the Sea one of the ship’s bow thrusters stopped. The ship’s overcurrent protection then turned off the entire ship as a backup, causing a short circuit.

The ship drifted towards the Katajanokka pier structures and the Pool Sea Pool. Accident Investigation Board Otkes ended his investigation this week. According to the Otkes report, the effect of the ice conditions in the port on the ship’s power outage cannot be ruled out as the cause of the accident.

The maritime explanation revealed that the accident could have been caused by an ice floe or some other object entering the ship’s propeller tunnel, resulting in an overload situation.

The City of Helsinki and various players are currently reducing the amount of damage. Damages will be discussed later.

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