“She acts as Shakira without being it”: the reason why they criticize Piqué’s girlfriend



Shakira and Piqué confirmed their separation after various rumorsColombian singer Shakira and Spanish FC Barcelona soccer player Gerard Piqué announced their separation on Saturday, ending a sentimental story of more than a decade that made them one of the most famous couples in the world of entertainment.

Screenshot of ‘Telecinco’ video, Instagram Gerard Piqué

Clara Chía would be experiencing the rejection of those who were her friends. Everything, for a striking change.

The separation of the now ex-soccer player Gerard Piqué and the singer from Barranquilla Shakira It continues to leave echoes more than five months after it was announced.

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According to the version of the European media, Shakira would travel to Miami in the near future to settle there with her two children, Milan and Sasha.

Meanwhile, Piqué would continue in Spain in charge of his businesses. In fact, in recent days it has been in the news for the organization of a soccer championship for social media figures.

Waiting to see what the future holds for the ex-partner, the latest news has to do with Piqué’s new girlfriend, the young Clara Chia Marti.

Everything, because according to ‘OKdiario’, he would be having serious problems with his colleagues in the company Kosmoswhere he met the Catalan.

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“Chía plays Shakira without being it”

The young woman is a Public Relations student.


Twitter: @Es24Espana Instagram: @Shakira

Apparently, according to the aforementioned medium, Clara Chía would be having problems with her coworkers.

The reason would have to do with a change of attitude that the others only manage to relate to his courtship with Piqué.

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“Before his relationship with Piqué was known, the treatment with his teammates was very different”is read in the related note in ‘OKDiario’.

“Chía acts as Shakira without being it”, asserts the reporter who signs the note.


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