Sending tanks to Ukraine is ‘direct involvement’ of the West in the conflict


Germany sent war tanks.

Germany sent tanks.

The Kremlin representative made these statements when commenting on some words from Biden.

Russia believes that Western countries are “directly” involved in the Ukrainian conflict after the decision to send dozens of tanks to that country, the Kremlin declared today.

Moscow perceives what the Atlantic Alliance and Western countries do as a direct participation in the conflict in Ukraine“said the spokesman for the Russian Presidency, Dmitri Peskov, at the daily telephone press conference.

The Kremlin representative made these statements when commenting on a few words by US President Joe Biden, who said that the decision on the supply of heavy main battle tanks to Ukraine is a fight for freedom.

“We categorically disagree with that,” Peskov said.

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Ukrainian President Volodimir Zelensky conditioned the effectiveness of the tanks last night that the allies will supply you at the amount you receive and at the speed of delivery.

“The key now is speed and volume. The speed of training our army, the speed of supplying tanks to Ukraine. The volume of tank support,” he said.

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