Security Somepalvelu Tiktok was sued in Britain – accused of illegally collecting children’s data

The lawsuit was filed on behalf of children in Britain, but it also involves other parts of Europe.

Social media company Tiktok and its parent company Bytedance have been sued in the UK, news agency AFP reports. The plaintiffs accuse Tiktok of illegally collecting personal data in Britain and elsewhere in Europe.

The lawsuit accuses companies of “violating the UK and EU Children’s Data Protection Act”, the GDPR. In addition, according to the lawsuit, companies have tricked children’s parents into how much companies see children’s private information when using the service.

The lawsuit covers up to 3.5 million children in Britain alone.

In the action it is alleged that the personal information of every child who has used Tiktok since May 2018 may have been collected through the app.

The information may have been collected regardless of whether the child has had an account with the service or what privacy settings he or she has had in the service. According to the application, the information collected through the service has been taken over by Bytedance, which has collected it for the benefit of unknown third parties.

If companies are found guilty of alleged conduct, compensation could rise to as much as billions of pounds.

The action behind are the former England Commissioner for Children Anne Longfield and law firm Scott + Scott. According to Longfield, Tiktok, on the other hand, has brought an opportunity for children to keep in touch with their friends during a pandemic.

“Behind the fun songs, dance challenges and lip-syncing trends, however, there is something much more ominous. Parents and children have a right to know that their personal information, such as phone numbers, location information, and videos of children, is being collected illegally, ”Longfield said.

The purpose of the lawsuit, according to Longfield, is to get Tiktok to stop collecting data. He also demands that the platform erase all private data when used by children.

Tiktok has denied the allegations, and the company says its security policy and actions are strong.

In 2019, Tiktok agreed to pay compensation of approximately EUR 4.7 million after the US authorities considered it to have collected personal data illegally. The company has also paid lower compensation fees for illegal data collection in South Korea.

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