Security Psychotherapy Center The information received from Vastamo’s hacking has ended up in an open network – The Director General of the Cyber ​​Security Center does not consider the new translation to be particularly relevant

According to the Cyber ​​Security Center, it can be difficult to delete data and trace the person behind it, because the site’s service provider is located abroad.

Psychotherapy center The customer data of the answering machine have been leaked to the open network side.

The data was previously available through the so-called Tor network. The issue has been reported, among other things Yle.

The name of a Tor network refers to the technology of the network to encrypt the origin of traffic in layers. Tor routes its users’ network traffic through so many access points that inferring the origin of the traffic is very complicated.

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Now The customer information of the answering machine can therefore also be found on the side of the so-called open and visible network.

The Cyber ​​Security Center discovered the website on Friday afternoon, says the centre’s director general Sauli Pahlman.

According to Pahlman, the site practically acts as a gateway between the Tor network and the Internet that can be used on the regular Internet side.

According to Pahlman, the party behind the now-published site may have nothing to do with the original author.

He does not see the new site as a dramatic change from previous leaks.

“According to our brief report, it appears that the site does not contain previously unpublished information.”

He does not consider the new translation to be particularly relevant in terms of access to information.

“In this Vastamo saga, this is not in itself a significant additional turnaround, as the same information has been available on the Tor network for a long time and from time to time also in copies made on the Internet.”

According to Pahlman, the human situation, on the other hand, is still difficult. He thinks the victims would deserve to eventually leave the case behind.

According to him, it can be difficult to remove the database from the network because the service provider is abroad.

“In this case, we will do everything that can be done, but when something ends up on the internet, yes, removing it permanently is an impossible task.”

“There are enough service providers. If someone really wants to maintain such a database, then it’s kind of a cat-and-mouse game, ”Pahlman adds.

Criminal Commissioner Sami Paila the Central Criminal Police does not take a position on the investigation of the Vastamo case itself.

“In general, I can say that what has gone on the Internet will unfortunately remain there as well.”

Deleting data is difficult, according to Paila, because much of the Internet is located in states or behind services that the authorities have no grip on.

“We can make requests to service providers located in the rule of law. They will then delete the data if they wish to delete it. ”



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