Security policy Ukraine: Russia may have been behind the cyber attack on government websites

NATO and Ukraine are deepening their cyber cooperation.

Ukraine says it has found clues that Russia may be behind the cyber attack on the Ukrainian regime.

The case is still under investigation. However, Ukraine’s security service has found preliminary indications that the cyber attack may have been followed by hacker groups linked to Russia’s intelligence services, a spokesman for Ukraine’s foreign ministry said. Oleg Nikolenko On Twitter.

Ukraine said earlier that a cyber attack had taken place on its administration’s website. For example, the websites of several ministries could not be accessed. The night attack between Thursday and Friday targeted dozens of sites.

For example, the country’s foreign ministry website was down. News agency AFP reports that for some time the page featured a message written in Ukrainian, Russian and Polish telling them to “fear and wait for the worst”. The message can be interpreted as a response to Ukraine’s pro-Westernism.

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Access pages returned on Friday. The consequences of the attack were minor.

Military Alliance Secretary General of NATO Jens Stoltenberg said on Friday that the alliance would deepen its cyber cooperation with its partner Ukraine.

According to Stoltenberg, an agreement will be signed in the coming days, according to which Ukraine will have access to NATO’s application platform for dealing with malware data.

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