Security policy The United States and the EU vow to take care of Europe’s natural gas supplies

The main instrument of the contingency plan is liquefied natural gas.


United States and the EU intend to work together to secure EU – Ukraine natural gas supplies in the event of a possible Russian invasion of gas supplies.

The President of the United States announced the matter Joe Biden and the President of the European Commission Ursula von der Leyen on Friday in its joint statement.

Europe imports 90% of the natural gas it needs, half of which comes from Russia through pipelines.

According to Biden and von der Leyen, the United States and the EU are working to secure imports of natural gas from a variety of sources. According to an EU official source, discussions are taking place with Norway and Qatar, among others.

Norway is the second largest importer of gas to EU countries after Russia.

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Main device is the liquefied natural gas (LNG) that Europe already buys the most from the United States.

The aim is to increase lng deliveries and increase the use of lng terminals in Europe.

In their statement, Biden and von der Leyen called for all major energy-producing countries to be involved in EU and US efforts to increase supply and stability in world energy markets.

The purpose is also to secure Ukraine’s energy supply and gradually increase its integration into the EU gas and electricity markets.

Contingency plans are being drawn up primarily in the event that Russia cuts off gas supplies through Ukraine. Cutting supplies to other pipelines would be a more severe and unlikely action, but that option has not been ruled out either. Russia would withstand a long collapse in gas export revenues.

Russian is estimated to use gas as a weapon if the United States and the EU impose sanctions on it in the event that Russia invades Ukraine.

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The Economist According to the magazine, the cut-off of gas supplies to Europe would be felt most in Slovakia, Austria and some parts of Italy. Of the large countries, Germany is the most vulnerable.

EU gas stocks are currently about 10% lower than usual.

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