Security policy The meeting between Niinistö and Biden started at the White House, Biden says the United States is committed to helping Finland defend itself – Niinistö will hold a press conference at about 11:30 p.m.

It is a working visit, so no actual joint press conference of the presidents is planned.

Washington / Helsinki

Of the Republic president Sauli Niinistö and the President of the United States Joe Biden will meet today at the White House on Friday.

Niinistö and Biden participated in the shooting at the White House at about 10 pm Finnish time. Niinistö told the media before the discussions that the countries have a long partnership, which he also hopes to strengthen. Biden, for his part, said the countries have coordinated joint action in response to Russia’s actions. According to the news agency Reuters, Biden also said that the United States is committed to helping Finland defend itself.

“We have been in contact for some time and coordinated a transatlantic and unified response to Russia’s aggression in Ukraine, which we cannot accept. We agree that this is not just an attack on Ukraine, but an attack on security and stability in Europe and around the world, ”said Biden.

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“We are committed to helping Ukraine defend itself and support the humanitarian needs of its people. We have coordinated all actions, including sanctions and export restrictions, ”Biden said.

“We are really going through difficult times. Our thoughts are on the side of the Ukrainian people, who are fighting bravely for their country. We do our best to help them. As you said, we have a long partnership and a very good relationship. I hope that through our discussions we can further strengthen them, ”Niinistö said.

According to the Office of the President, the meeting will discuss Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, bilateral co-operation between Finland and the United States, and the effects of the war on the European security order.

Niinistö the trip is a working visit, so no actual joint press conference of the presidents is promised. However, they have a joint photography session where journalists have the opportunity to ask questions to the presidents.

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After a two-way discussion with Biden, President Niinistö will hold his own press conference, which is scheduled to begin at approximately 11:30 pm Finnish time. HS will show the event live.

In addition to Biden, Niinistö’s program includes meetings with other “political actors”.

Niinistö said On Twitter on Friday early Finnish time that he had met with the head of the US CIA William Burnsin. Shortly before that, Niinistö also said On Twitter he met in Washington with the Senate Republican leader Mitch McConnell and the senator Tom Cottonin.

Foreign policy researcher at the institute Matti Pesu estimates To HS in the pastthat the conversation between Niinistö and Biden is a message from the United States to Russia.

“It shows Russia that they are not flexible. It is not unimaginable that Russia could do elsewhere what it is doing in Ukraine, ”Pesu said.

The Prime Minister of Sweden Magdalena Andersson and the Swedish Minister of Defense Peter Hultqvist in turn, they will visit Finland on Saturday, the Office of the President of the Republic informed.

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Few believe that Finland’s possible NATO membership would make a significant difference with Niinistö’s visit to Washington.

Finland will seek a security policy backing from the meeting on Friday in the changed situation. Niinistö issued a statement before the meeting, in which he stated that Finland’s security environment is changing rapidly and drastically. He emphasized the need to assess the impact of the Russian attack on Finland’s security “not delayedly, but carefully”.

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