Security policy Government expects Russia to expand cyber operations, improve IT skills in municipal water and energy supply

The government, together with critical infrastructure providers, will explore the legal basis for producing a common cybersecurity snapshot.

Government wants to strengthen the cyber equipment and expertise of municipalities and new welfare areas. According to a recent foreign security policy report, new investments are promised in the regions’ cyber security capabilities.

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According to the report, municipalities and new welfare areas are responsible for very critical functions, such as water and energy supply, rescue and social and health care.

According to the report, the cyber attacks are part of Russia’s attack on Ukraine. According to the report, Russia is also likely to expand its cyber operations “west of Ukraine”.

According to the government, companies and authorities related to critical infrastructure have jointly raised their level of preparedness. According to the report, such critical infrastructure operators must ensure that their control-command systems are not accessible from the open network.

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The report also names the production of a shared cyber situation as an area for development. According to the government, the legal basis for the exchange of information on cyber attacks is also still to be clarified.

Report strongly emphasizes the “essential” role of companies and their security experts in Finland’s cyber security.

According to the government, the Russian attack has “further emphasized the importance of public-private cooperation in the cyber environment and the role of companies in overall security”.

The report also reminds that Finland can suffer in a wide range of activities, even if the attack does not directly target Finland. An attack on international digital architecture could also manifest itself in the collapse of domestic services if they rely on international services.

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