Security policy American bombers will soon begin training in Finland’s neighborhood – the country’s goal is to respond to Russia’s and China’s growing military presence in the Arctic

The new Arctic strategy of the United States Air Force will be visible in Finland’s neighborhood in the coming weeks.

23.2. 14:45

Americans The arrival of the B-1B Lancer bombers in Norway on Monday is the first evidence of a new Arctic strategy announced by the U.S. Air Force last summer.

Lancer bombers flew to Norway from Texas. They were accompanied by more than 200 U.S. Air Force soldiers at Ørland Air Base.

American planes are expected to fly training and reconnaissance flights in Arctic airspace in the coming weeks.

Ørland in central Norway is an important air base for the military alliance NATO and Norway. The new F-35 fighters acquired by Norway, among others, operate from there.

United States reported the dispatch of B-1 aircraft to Norway in early February. This is the first time American bombers have been based at a Norwegian airport.

Indeed, in recent years, the United States has actively used all three of its strategic bomber types in force displays around the world and in northern Europe.

In May last year, two B-1 bombers flew for the first time in training over Sweden together with Swedish fighters. At the same time, air fire control was practiced from the ground up.

Swedish Air Force already had time to tellthat the B-1 planes that now flew to Norway on Monday also trained in Swedish airspace with Gripen fighters. The exercise was apparently again accompanied by an air fire control exercise.

In recent years in the northern European sky and the Baltic Sea B-52 bombers have also been seen. Year before last The United States flew to Iceland for the first time its B-2 disguise bomber.

The United States the Air Force’s new Arctic strategy states that it aims to respond to the growing military presence of Russia and China in the Arctic.

The new strategy requires investments in military infrastructure, close cooperation with allies and partners, and training in the North. The northernmost base of the U.S. Air Force is in Thule, Greenland.

The United States has also been annoyed by the increased flights of Russian fighter jets and bombers in the north and near Alaska’s borders.

Russia has made a significant contribution in recent years to the militarization of the Arctic. Among other things, it has established a new one based on its Northern Fleet next to Finland military district.

Russia also seems to have reacted to the arrival of American bombers in Norway.

Barents Observer magazine reported on Monday that one of the largest ships in the Russian navy, the missile cruiser Marshal Ustinov, had sailed exceptionally close to the Norwegian sea border around the Varangi Fjord. It was certainly a deliberate display of power.

In the United States has 62 strategic B-1 bombers at its disposal, but it has been decided to reduce the number by 17 as the country is renewing its bomber fleet.

Known by the crew nickname Bone (B-one), the B-1 is the only bomber in the U.S. Air Force that uses conventional bombs.

The type of aircraft capable of flying faster than sound was originally designed only to carry nuclear bombs, but in the mid-1990s this capability was removed from the planes.


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