Security Europol: Ten hackers arrested, suspected of stealing some € 83 million in cryptocurrency – celebrities among victims

The so-called sim swap has been used to commit crimes.

European the police agency Europol has reported the arrest of ten hackers, according to Reuters. The hackers are suspected of stealing $ 100 million, or about 83 million euros, of cryptocurrency from their victims.

Arrests have been made in several countries. Europol says in its bulletinthat eight suspects were arrested on Tuesday. Two arrests had already been made in the past.

Europol according to the victims have been in the United States, and among them are numerous public figures.

“Throughout 2020, attacks by this criminal network targeted thousands of victims, including famous internet influencers, sports stars, musicians and their families,” Europol says.

Authorities from Britain, the United States, Canada, Belgium and Malta have been involved in the criminal investigation. Europol has coordinated its activities.

Crime the practice has been so-called sim swap. Hackers have managed to transfer victims ’phone numbers to their own sim cards and have since been able to break into various apps and accounts.


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