Security Cyber ​​Security Center: Attempts are being made to hijack Whatsapp accounts in Finland with scam messages

Criminals try to hijack accounts by, among other things, pretending to be technical support for Whatsapp.

Criminals are currently trying to trick the Whatsapp user account verification codes, warn Cyber ​​Security Center. The goal of criminals is to get usernames and accounts.

There are several ways to obtain verification codes. It can be requested, for example, by an existing contact that has already been hijacked or by someone who has technical support from Whatsapp. Efforts have also been made to obtain codes using an answering machine.

For example, a Whatsapp user may receive a message from their contact requesting that an six-digit verification code be “accidentally” sent to the account owner.

Cyber ​​Security Center emphasizes that the verification code should not be shared with outsiders. Whatsapp support never asks you to do that either.

Account hijacking can be avoided by identifying fishing companies. In addition, the Cyber ​​Security Center advises Whatsapp users to take advantage of two-step account authentication.

2-Step Authentication can be enabled in Whatsapp settings.

I hijacked account can return by signing in to your account again by opening the app. In this case, Whatsapp sends a confirmation text message containing a six-digit code.

When you enter the code into the application, the account hijacker is automatically logged out of the application.


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