Security A Dutch journalist attended a video conference of EU defense ministers – “Do you know you jumped into a secret meeting?”

The meeting was adjourned after the breach.

Bats security procedures allow a Dutch technology supplier to log on to an informal video conference of the EU Ministry of Defense on Friday. Supplier of the television channel RTL Daniel Verlaan confused as he got inside the meeting and waved happily to the ministers. The video showed Finland when Verlaan logged in Antti Kaikkonen (middle).

The meeting was chaired by the EU’s External Relations Officer Josep Borrell.

“Do you know you jumped into a secret meeting?” Borrell asked Verlaan.

Verlaan apologized for the interruption and promised to leave the meeting.

“You know you break the law. Now it’s best that you check out quickly before the police arrive, ”Borrell scolded.

Verlaan was able to log in to the video conference of ministers as the Dutch Minister of Defense Ank Bijleveld had tweeted a picture showing the login address and part of the PIN, he said, among other things BBC.

After several attempts, RTL managed to guess the PIN because five digits of the six-digit code appeared in the figure, RTL said.

A spokesman for the Dutch Ministry of Defense admitted that tweaking the login details had been a “stupid mistake”. The meeting was adjourned after the breach.

The agenda of the informal meeting of defense ministers included an assessment of co-operation between the countries of the Union and work plans following Britain’s resignation from the EU.

Kaikkonen tweeted on Saturday that he had emphasized in his speech in a video conference the importance of deepening the information security culture.

“Unfortunately, it hit the heart of the matter,” Kaikkonen said.


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