Seasonal food Is it saturated with ordinary oven salmon? Check out three easy recipes where familiar fish gets brand new flavors

Serve the salmon in a bowl, season to Moroccan or hide in a pasta temptation.

21.1. 2:00 | Updated 21.1. 13:17

Season the best fish delicacy is prepared by cooking in the oven. Cooking salmon fillet in the oven is easy and saves on the sturgeon that inevitably occurs when frying fish in a pan.

If the traditional oven salmon gets saturated, season it Moroccan and Finish with seasonal oranges.

You can also drizzle the salmon with a coriander, pesto-style sauce and bake in the oven. Serve the flowing succulent fish in a trendy bowl with quinoa, tsatsik and vegetables.

Oven-cooked salmon can be served in a bowl with quinoa and vegetables.­

Salmon paste temptation borrows his ideas from the temptation of jansson. Guaranteed for the whole family, the Italian-style pasta roast is created from even a small piece of salmon fillet. Gravy or cold smoked salmon can also be used for this food.

The temptation of salmon pasta full of flavors is awesome winter food.­


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