Season | You’re guaranteed to like these lingonberry delicacies, even if the berry isn’t one of your favorites otherwise

The bitterly aromatic lingonberry is at its best with caramel, almond, coconut, cinnamon and ginger.

Cowberry suitable for much more than traditional whipped cream or pesto. Bake in the oven the easiest jam, succulent pie or honeyed lingonberry sauce with granola and yoghurt.

These delicacies are liked even by those who usually don’t care about lingonberries.

Hot after the summer, the lingonberry harvest would seem to be good, and the lingonberry should be hoarded in the freezer well.

It can enrich smoothies or morning yoghurt, it can be pureed into vinaigrette or mayonnaise, which is awesome especially as a game burger sauce. The lingonberry is baked into a tasty pie, the lingonberry can be crushed as a side dish to meat stews and cabbage food or spun into a familiar whipped cream.

In addition to its pleasing versatility, lingonberry is high in fiber and low in energy. Lingonberry contains polyphenolic compounds that are healthy in many ways, as well as potassium, which is good for blood pressure.

Ginger gives a fresh heat and aroma to the jam cooked from cranberries and sweet apples, which is easily prepared in the oven. It is advisable to cover the pan with foil during baking so that the jam remains moist and juicy. If the jam dries, add water.

The marmalade-like thick lingonberry jam tastes wonderful on top of toasted bread, with mild mold cheeses, or as a jam eye on top of porridge.

The thick marmalade-like jam is even suitable for paired cheeses.

If you love key lime pie, you’ll love this lingonberry pie guaranteed. The filling tastes like caramel condensed milk, lime and wonderfully tart lingonberries. Plenty of coconut flakes are added to the pie base, which gives the base a great crispiness in addition to taste. This pie definitely tastes best the day after baking, when the flavors and texture of the filling have condensed. If the pie is left as a residue, it is best kept in the refrigerator.

With honey gently sweetened lingonberry seasoning seasoning breakfast yogurt. If you want a spicy flavor that fits your porridge with a lingonberry, season the porridge with fresh chopped thyme. Finish a portion of yogurt with a few spoonfuls of almond granola, which also contains peanut butter and honey.

The instruction becomes a rather large satin of granola, but it stays at room temperature in a jar with a lid for several weeks.

Almond granola and honey-cranberries taste on top of yogurt.



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