Sdp | Such is Aki Lindén, a “loyal warrior of Kiuru” who has become the Minister of Basic Services

As a political mission, Lindén has spoken out in defense of public social and health services.

SDP on Thursday elected a ministerial minister for family and basic services To Krista Kiuru, which is due to take family leave in the spring. The Finnish MP for the first term was elected deputy Who is Linden.

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In Turku Lindén, who lives in Parliament, has a reputation in Parliament as a tough social and health expert. He has sat on the Social Affairs and Health Committee as the Sdp’s group leader and has been a vocal speaker on these themes both in the Chamber and on social media, for example.

Politically, he has been close to the Kiuru line in many of his views on the corona pandemic, for example. He has been described as a loyal warrior of Kiuru, among other things.

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Lindén herself has said that she has a close connection to Kiuru.

In addition to his role as Member of Parliament, Lindén is the Turku City Councilor and now also a recent regional councilor. In connection with the municipal elections, he was the SDP’s candidate for mayor of Turku.

As a political mission, Lindén has spoken out in defense of public social and health services.

“I am running public social and health care, which in Finland is not as good as it should be when I compare many other [maan] health care, ”he said in a recent HS interview.

“I’m not aiming for any stations, I have a mission.”

Linden has grown up in a medical family. Her father and grandfather were both doctors, and her mother was a nurse. Lindén herself has both a doctor’s degree and a master’s degree in political science.

In his youth, he was active in socialist and communist circles, to which he later took distance. In 1976, Lindén was elected to the Turku City Council from Skdl’s lists.

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He joined the SDP in 1994.

Lindén began her career as a medical center doctor in Turku in 1978. After that, she worked as the director of health care in Pori, the county doctor of Western Finland and the director of the hospital district of Southwest Finland. He worked as the CEO of Hus from 2010 to 2018.

STT reported in the summer of 2019 suspicions that tens of millions worth of purchases could have been made in Hus without a tender. The multi-generational procurement mess has been in the wood for years now and the debate has also been through Lindén. Police began a preliminary investigation into the matter last summer. It is still in progress. According to the police, no individual is suspected of the investigation so far. Lindén said Thursday he has not been contacted by police.

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